Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday morning presents

This is the 3rd Saturday that I've stepped out the front door to let Rosco out and have found a dead mouse from Linus. I suppose this is his way of thanking us for being such wonderful parents but it's kindof grossing me out. Also, I can't figure out why they only appear on Saturdays. Why not during the rest of the week? He goes outside almost every night. Strange. Soon we will be adding another kitty to our family. My parents' cat, Dude, is going to stay with us over the winter while they are traveling. Dude enjoys hunting bigger creatures like birds so I'm sure Linus will learn a few new tricks.

The week went by quickly and I can't believe we're into October already. Adam had his first field trip of the year. They went to the swimming pool with the other 5th grade class. Everything went smoothly and the kids seemed to have a great time.

Molly and I started swimming this week. We're going to do it every Wednesday. It was nice to get back into the water and the sauna was a great treat at the end.

I'll be coaching basketball at the junior highschool again this year. We had our first basketball meeting this week and did all the planning for the season. Tryouts are on the 13th and we'll be traveling to Ktn again in November.

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