Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another week...

This week felt pretty short. I stayed home on Monday with the stomach flu. I haven't felt that sick in a long long time. Poor Adam was woken up at 5a.m. to the sound of me throwing up. He took great care of me when he got home from work that night. It's taken almost the whole week to feel back to my normal self. This one really kicked my butt.

This is my second Wednesday night of swimming. The pool was busy this time and Molly wasn't able to join me. But, it felt great to get in the water and get some exercise. It's been so nasty here that it's been hard to get outside to workout.

I spent today working on our Australia planning. I've found a didgeridoo making tour that Adam will love. I've also found a few fun & cheap places to stay. It's exciting to see our trip slowly come together.

The sun is finally shining and I think Adam and I will venture outside!

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