Sunday, October 14, 2012

And we're already in October......

Wow! September FLEW by and now we are half way through October! It's been a busy month and a half but busy in a very good way.
The school year is settling down and we are all finding our groove. Adam has a big class this year and is teaching a mix of 4th and 5th graders. With a class size of 29 there just isn't enough time during the week to address all of the classroom needs so he's been spending the weekends working at the school. However, he loves his students and enjoys the quiet hours he puts in on the weekends.
My year has been going great as well. I've taken on a few new roles at school and am enjoying the energy and enthusiasm that our new principal brings. I've been asked to be one of the mental health professionals on the Community Response Team and will be attending training for that in November. It is a community wide team of first response people who will assist in the event that a major crisis happens in Juneau or an outlying community (think school shooting, terrorist attack, etc.) It'll be a new challenge and I'm looking forward to finding out what the training involves. I've also been asked to attend a conference in Vegas at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to seeing some sunshine and getting away from the rain!
While work has kept us busy we've managed to carve out time to play and have fun. Lots of dinner dates with friends, good workouts, planning a baby shower and evening walks with dog and hubby. The rest of the month is guaranteed to be fun and exciting. Hopefully, I'll be better about taking time to blog!
Happy October!

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