Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marvelous Monday....

It's a little late but yesterday was a marvelous Monday. The workday was pretty mellow so that's always nice. I had a great workout and we enjoyed dinner with some awesome people. The people at Papa Murphy's also helped make my Monday pretty marvelous and I have to share this story with you guys.

Before you can fully appreciate the story you need to know two things. First, Papa Murphy's calls out your name and very loudly yells, "Pizza for __________ 1, 2, 3!!!" as the rest of the staff choruses it just as loudly. Second, the last time Adam and I went to Papa Murphy's I told them his name when I placed my order. I did this because I get really tired of hearing people butcher my name or having to repeat myself 2 or 3 times before they understand that I am saying TRistan rather than KRistan.

Anyways, this time Adam ordered and gave them MY name instead of his. We laughed about it and I called him a jerk. When our pizza order was ready the guy yelled, "pizza for JUSTIN 1, 2, 3!!!!" which was chorused by "Pizza for JUSTIN!!!". As we were leaving we heard the young lady who had taken our order say "no, it's TRISTAN!!!" and the rest of the staff say "oh...ooops...um, pizza for Tristan 1,2,3????!!!!" By that time we had already walked out the doors and found this to be the most hilarious thing we'd experienced in a long, long time.

Thank you Papa Murphy's for the giggle and the yummy pizza too.

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