Sunday, May 16, 2010

Super Saturday!

Our Saturday afternoon was spent at the Gymnastics Acadamy for this little guy's birthday! Adam and I had no idea a 5 year old's birthday could be so fun! We played on all the fun equipment, chased cute little monsters and stuffed our faces with lots of awesome food. Happy Birthday, N!
After I recovered from that party I was off for my long awaited girls' night out! We headed to the Prospector Hotel for the Think Pink beer & wine tasting. It was a fundraiser for a few ladies who are doing the 3 day breast cancer walk in Chicago this summer. There were a ton of people there, a great band, lots of good food and more wine that you can imagine! My favorite was the organic cider from dangerous!
Good luck, Genevieve!!!


  1. I didn't even know that cider was from MI! It was so yummy delicious.

  2. it was so fun to hang out with you! wish I could have made it Sat. night too.


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