Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do You Do a Didgeridoo??

Stephenie bought us the cutest kid book called Do you Do a Didgeridoo by Nick Page and everytime I look at it it brings back wonderful memories of our Australian adventures.
I got to do most of the planning for our Australia trip but Adam's one request was to make a Didgeridoo. With a little research I found an Aboriginal man in Yungaburra who had a Didgeridoo making business.
We drove out to the Atherton Tablelands and stayed at the cutest little hostel called On the Wallaby . The next day we drove out to the Didgeridoo making site and met a man named Phil who helped us make a Didgeridoo. Having worked in the tour industry I worried that the tour would be corny, tacky and touristy. I quickly realized that I had nothing to worry about and this tour was about as "authentic" as it was going to get.
Phil's business was located on his property where he makes numerous Didgeridoo's for local shops and art galleries. Since we were the only one's on this "tour" so he was able to give us his undivided attention and talk to us about Australian history and the native people.

To make a Didgeridoo (often referred to by locals as a Didge) you need to choose your piece of wood. These pieces have all been hollowed out by local insects and are ready to go!
Then you chisel out the inside. Adam likes to whistle while he's doing this =)

Then you shave off the bark. You get to do this with a BIG, SHARP machete!

You finish with a few coats of laquer and let it dry!
When asked "Do you do a didgeridoo?" You can say, "why, yes! I do do a didgeridoo!"

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