Wednesday, May 26, 2010


...summer will be here and Adam, Rosco and I will be catching the ferry and driving through Canada. It seems to be all I can think about these days. I can't wait to be on the road without an agenda or specific destination. I can't wait to camp under the stars, shop at new thrift stores, eat taco bell and see all see our friends and family!
If you know of any great stops along the west coast let me know!


  1. Do you have specific routes in mind? If you were at all in a drivable distance from me, I would love to see you! Nashville is always a great town to visit and you most definitely have free accomodations!

  2. Hi Kerrie! we'll be going down the west coast into part of cali then we're going to zip over to colorado for my brother's wedding. if we end up in your neck of the woods i'll FB you! it'd be fun to see you again.

  3. Definitely hit up Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland.
    Apparently, their coffee is revolutionary. =)

  4. I loved driving through Canada! BC is pretty amazing.


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