Friday, December 18, 2009

Who else has this much fun at work??

Wednesday was the 5th graders vs. staff basketball game. The kids were rockin' it but the teachers were on fire! The teachers were definitely sore the next day, though.
The Team....
Looking a little winded there, buddy...

Don't went in...

Elementary kids don't quite get the idea of "the wave" but it was a good try ;-)

MRCS teachers rock!!!

Friday was Crazy Hat Day! Adam and I sported our reindeer antlers & halo to show our school spirit.
It's been a fun-filled week. I love my co-workers ;-)


  1. Looks like everuone had a lot of fun. Mom and I are in Yuma....72*.

  2. wow! could I look scarier? at least I made 1 shot.


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