Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's always an adventure!

Being a one-car family usually works just fine. We don't have kids and we both work at the same place so it's pretty easy to car-pool. This week has been a little different since Adam's had to be downtown all day for trainings. So, I was left on my own to figure out a way to get home after work each day. Mon, Tue & Wed worked out fine. There were enough people going my way that it was easy to snag a ride from someone.
I wasn't able to find a ride today so I decided to take the bus with my friend and her kiddos. It was my first Juneau-bus ride and I have two things to say about it.

1. Knowing how to use public transportation is definitely a "life-skill" that everyone should learn how to navigate.

2. The Juneau bus system is actually pretty good. The driver was friendly, the bus was warm, the company was pleasant (thanks Carriker Clan ;-) ), and it dropped me off right at the bottom of my hill.

Dad- be sure to check Rosco's blog for Dude's latest adventure ;-)


  1. Think of all the money you'll save by taking the bus.

  2. No matter what Adam says, we're bringing bus riding back! We have made it cool :))


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