Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanks guys =)

I have the most supportive friends EVER! I am so amazed at how many of my friends are supporting my little jewelry-making addiction. I now have an etsy page as well as a Facebook Fan page and all my wonderful buds are spreading the word and helping me in any way they can.
Thanks Erin for spreading the word on your blog AND facebook!
Thanks Mindy for being my first FB fan!!
Thanks Stephie for letting me use your house for multiple shopping adventures!
Thanks in advance Molly for keeping me organized and making sure that I follow through with the craft fair idea.
Thanks to everyone else who's told a friend about my site or added me to your FB page. You guys are awesome!

On another note....Stephenie & I were talking tonight and realized that neither of us are putting up a tree this year. So, our question to you is WHERE do you put presents if you don't have a tree???? I have mine sitting on top of a dresser & she has hers near her piano. Other options?? Kitchen table?? Under the TV???


  1. Hey, no tree here either.....put presents in back seat of truck.

  2. by the winder on your little table, that is where Santa would leave then ;)
    We're all so proud of you and your jewelry. We can't help but spread the word!


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