Saturday, November 8, 2008

The parental units are in town

Well, mom & dad made it in safe and sound on Thursday. They brought their cat, Dude, with them and are leaving her here for the winter while they travel. The animals are trying to get used to each other right now. There's been some crazy hissing going on but I'm sure they'll get used to each other eventually.

We made mom go to work with us the next day. I think she had fun hanging out with all the kids at school! They'll be here until Wednesday. Mom and I have appointments on Tuesday for massages and hair-cuts.

We played our second basketball game on Thursday. This time we borrowed two 6th graders that had made the B team. We didn't lose by quite so much but it was still a pretty rough looking game. I think the final score was 16-22?? The girls showed signs of slight improvement so I was happy with that. Hopefully, we can keep improving with each game =)

I leave on Friday for Ktn to chaperone the girls and boys A & B teams. It'll be a quick trip since we'll be back Sat night but it should be fun. The A & B team girls are some of the girls Molly & I coached last year so it's always fun seeing them play.

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