Friday, July 13, 2012

Anchorage adventures...

 I had such a great time visiting my brother in Wasilla. We went to the zoo in Anchorage on my first day there. It was fun to see so many animals but I think the polar bear was my favorite.

 We took the kids swimming one day and had a great time! It was Natalee's first time in the pool and she swam like a fish. It was fun to re-live my swim instructor days and try to teach the kids a few basic water skills. I even dunked Natalee's head under water ;-)

Of course we had to make time for a photo shoot with the kids. Chance had to be bribed with marshmallows but at least we got some good pictures. 
 Auntie was able to baby sit the munchkins while mommy and daddy celebrated their anniversary. Auntie was getting pretty good at changing baby diapers and tickling 6 year olds!

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