Monday, November 14, 2011

a few things to celebrate!

This month has been full of things to celebrate....especially birthdays! Stephenie's birthday was on Thursday and our Wine Wednesday group managed to pull off a suprise-birthday-craft-party for her. Each of us brought  homemade items and we exchanged them with each other. At the end of the night we all left with 12 fun goodies. We all had such a good time we're thinking of making it a yearly event.
Thursday night was Stephenie's real birthday party and all her friends gathered at her place for a night of fun! We enjoyed good food, an amazing banana cake, lots of games and conversation!
Friday was Veteran's Day and Adam and I took some time to just RELAX and enjoy ourselves. We caught up over coffee, took the dog for a walk and spent some time organizing things in our classrooms.

On Saturday our friend Zack came through Juneau on his way up North for work. It was fun seeing him again. The boys had "boy night" that evening as I headed out for ANOTHER suprise party!

Paula's husband managed to pull off quite the suprise party for her. She thought she was going out for a drink and dinner with the hubby when she got the "come home quick" phone call from the babysitter. She came home to a house full of friends, food and birthday wishes....I don't think she had a clue!

Today we woke up to close to a foot of snow and a SNOW day! The first snow day of the year is definitely something to celebrate! Thanks to Stephie's class for doing their snow dance! It worked!!!!

And finally, we are still celebrating the newest addition to my brother's family. Baby Natalee is doing great and Chance is an excellent big brother. I can't wait to meet her in real life but until then I've been enjoying this sweet little picture of them.

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