Sunday, April 3, 2011

pirates, surfers and sailors...OH MY!

As most of you know I celebrated my 30th birthday back in February. Adam really wanted to throw me a suprise party at DIPAC but the "planner" in me made that impossible since I had the same idea (the party at DIPAC part-not the suprise party part). So, with the help of my sweet friend Molly we came up with a great theme and got the ball rolling.
 DIPAC is our local aquarium that is primarily for the tourists but they do rent out the space for private parties. It's gorgeous and everyone has fun looking at the fish and sea life. It went perfectly with the BON VOYAGE theme as well! Unfortunately, we had to reschedule the party from February until this weekend due to some heating problems but it was well worth the wait. The theme was "Bon Voyage 20s" and costumes were strongly encouraged ;-) People came as pirates, sea creatures, sailers, captains, cruiseship passengers and surfers. I ordered about 30 sailor hats so people could decorate them if they wanted. Molly brought fabric paint and cute stickers so people could get creative!
 People were so creative with their costumes and even Adam dressed up! He was a hippy pirate wearing a hawaiian shirt ;-)

I decided to be a captain and was thrilled to see my friend Amy shares my fabulous taste in clothing ;-)
There was a ton of great food, good conversation and of course a little booty shakin' ;-)

I had a wonderful time and hope all my friends did too. Thanks guys! XOXOXO

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