Saturday, February 12, 2011

All before 11 a.m.

The other day our school nurse told me that she had to write a report about what she did during the day. She found it pretty humorous when she looked back at her day documented on paper. Anyone who works in education knows that everyday is different and you NEVER know what might happen. Some days you really do feel like a teacher but most of the time you're playing the role of parent, lunch server, coat zipper-upper, mediator, bandaide putter-onner...the list could go on and on.
I thought it would be fun to give you a snippet of my day yesterday. I won't do the entire day but here's what my morning looked like.

7:40....rushing into the school building because I'm 10 minutes late and am stopped by a parent....
J*** really needs to talk to you but she's too shy to ask you! 
7:41...see J*** in the school and ask her if she wants to talk. talking to J*** about her fear of zombies and how they give her scary dreams when I'm interrupted by another parent. B*** won't get out of my car. I've tried and tried and don't know what to do. I figured maybe you could help before I have to get the principal. 
7:48...find myself sitting in the back of a pathfinder trying to coax B*** into the school building. 
8:10...leave the pathfinder with B*** and head into school. 
8:14...finally open my e-mail and see that I have 12 new time to read them yet.
8:15....teach a Kindergarten class....It's P.J. day in their room today so they're all hyped up and asking them to focus on a lesson is like pulling teeth. 
8:45....teach a 3rd grade class...all goes well. Am able to open my e-mails while they work on their project...there are now 22 e-mails to read through.
9:15...teach another 3rd grade class. Little girl freaks out about a paper cut and NEEDS a bandaide. Apply bandaide...all is well.
9:45....If you look on my schedule it'll say BREAK but today it's spent getting boxes out to classrooms for the upcoming food drive, talking with two teachers about struggling students and printing out anti-bullying documents. 
9:59....RUN to the bathroom!!!
10:00....Teach another Kinder class....TRY to give the lesson but spend more time on classroom management because three boys are OUT OF CONTROL!!! 
10:28...transition the Kinders into lining up so they'll be ready for their teacher...send one boy to the end of the line for hitting someone and hear "I HATE you!!!!! I don't want to go to the end of the line. You're mean!!!". 
10:30...teacher shows up to take her students and I escort the little hater to the office. 
10:31...principal is in a meeting so I do some problem solving with the hater on the poor choice bench. 
10:45...escort hater back to his classroom. 
10:48...fax Big Brother/Big Sister application. to the nurse about two 504 plans that need to be put in place. to another teacher about student who had a blow out yesterday when a sub was teaching.
10:59...escort little girl who fell into a puddle to the nurses office
11:00...get a student for our weekly individual counseling meeting..

All this before 11:00.... but I wouldn't switch jobs for the world.

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  1. hey at least we chatted at lunch and your day ended with my class. I mean, THEY ARE a bunch of angels. ;)


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