Saturday, September 12, 2009

random ramblings

It was another great week at school for the two of us. Our friend's son started preschool this week and I was able to pop in a couple times and see the little tyke in action. The teachers got a kick out of it when he looked up and said "oh, hi Tristan! That's my friend." Yup, my little buddy is in preschool!!! Can't wait till he comes to Kindergarten and I get to see him in my lifeskill class!
We also had open house this week. It made for a long day but was fun to see the students so excited to show their parents their school.
Rosco's been feeling a little neglected lately. We've just been too busy in the evenings to take him for a proper walk. Luckily, Erin and I plan on walking today before I go to work.
The tour season is slowly coming to an end. The last ship comes in on the 24th. It's been fun but it'll be nice to only have ONE job for a while. Hmmm, what will I do with all that free time?

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