Sunday, June 7, 2009

ScHoOl'S OuT!!!

The last day of school was filled with fun and excitement! We watched the end of the year slideshow, had 5th grade promotion, the 5th grade ice cream social, yearbook signing outside in the sun and a staff/student dodgeball game. After the kids left all the teachers got to work packing up their rooms and putting things away for the summer.
That evening Adam and I went on a date to Twisted Fish. I had an amazing halibut burger and he had a chicken burger. We sat in the sun reminiscing about the school year and talking about our plans for Australia (we are down to less than two weeks!).

Adam and I are so grateful for our jobs.

We're lucky that we can go to work doing something that we love.
We're lucky that when we go to work we get hugs and high 5's.
We're lucky that even on the worst day we can find something good about work.
We're lucky that kids are funny and will always make you laugh.
We're lucky that we have a great group of teachers to work with.
And finally....
We're lucky that we have summer breaks where we can spend time together and travel.
Happy Summer....

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