Friday, June 12, 2009

One more week!

It's hard to imagine that in one week we will be on a plane to "the land down under"!!! Rosco is ready to go live with Uncle Bob & Aunt Molly for a few weeks and Linus is content with having Rob come visit him every once and a while...maybe Rob will bring his kitty for a play date!

I've been working at the Red Dog in the evenings and Adam has started working on our bedroom floors. In between our vacations and having company visit us this summer we're also trying to put the last of the end-grain flooring in our condo (see pictures on the picture page if you're curious what end-grain flooring is!). We're already ahead of the game since Adam finished pulling up the old flooring the other day. Hope the family doesn't mind visiting a chaotic floorless condo!

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