Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Case of the Missing Peanut-butter Brittle...

So, Adam and I came home today to two large pans of peanutbutter brittle sitting on our flower box. We assumed that someone had dropped them off for us. After we brought them inside I inspected the pans for a note or card but couldn't find anything. These were really nice pans and I figured that the gift-giver would eventually want them back.
The more I thought about the peanut-brittle the more confused I became. Two large pans of peanut brittle is a lot to give two people for a gift. And why didn't they cut them and put it on a plate? It just wasn't making sense. So, I told Adam not to eat any until we figured out who gave it to us.
Later that afternoon our neighbor knocked on our door and asked if we had seen her peanutbutter brittle. She put it on our flower box in order for it to cool. Good thing we didn't eat any

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