Sunday, September 14, 2008

The weekend

We had a nice relaxing weekend! Friday night the radio station was hosting an 80's dance night so I went with a few girls from work. My plan was to go to the Salvation Army to get some good 80's clothes but I was way too tired by Friday. So, I found a cute t-shirt that could pass as being from the 80's, threw my hair in a side pony tail and caked on the blue eye shadow. It was the funnest dance I've been to since Tenekee!!!
Saturday night Stephenie came over and we played Dr. Mario. I'm now addicted..thanks a lot, Stephenie.
Today is my day to be lazy. Adam has to go into the school again for a little bit. Hopefully, he'll soon have it down well enough to only be in there on one day during the weekend. There's just so much to do!
This weekend was filled with bear spottings as well! I saw more bears on Saturday than I have since I've been in Juneau. Adam and I drove out to the glacier and saw a bear crossing the street. It walked down the side of the road for a little while so we were able to watch it (safely from the car). When I got back home I was sitting on the couch reading a book and I looked out the window and saw a bear crossing the parking lot. I guess they're trying to find food before hybernating for the winter.
That's about all the excitement there's been with us lately. Hope everyone is doing well!

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