Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just another day in paradise....

Juneau has been breaking all sorts of records for wettest, rainiest and coldest summer so when a sunny day comes along we have to drop what we're doing and get out to enjoy it. 

 Yesterday was one of those days that makes you forget about the rain and reminds you why you live in Southeast Alaska. Adam and I headed out to North Douglas and put our kayaks in the water.

We launched our boats right across from the Mendenhall Glacier. I always love this view and find myself taking way more photos of the glacier than necessary. 

 Once we were out on the water we spent the day fishing, reading and exploring the coastline. We had a few sea otters check us out but fortunately, they kept their distance.

As usual, I had to take the opportunity to get in a quick self-portrait photo. 

I had a great time photographing some of the sites along the way. There's always the chance that I might get my nice Canon Rebel wet or drop it in the water but being able to photograph our adventures makes it a risk worth taking.


 After a while Adam wanted to take the camera so I finally have some photos (non-self-portraits!!) of me!


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