Friday, June 17, 2011

Since we've been home...

We've been home from our vacation for about a week and have simply been enjoying our summer break. I start my part-time job at the mental health center next week so I've been trying to get in as much play time as possible.

Since we've been home we've stayed busy enjoying all that summer has to offer us

.....I've taken lots of long runs with friends. We've been running to the Mendenhall Glacier and it's pretty awesome to have THAT kind of view at the end of your run.
....Lots of dinner dates with good food and company.
....We've gone on a few dates to the frozen yogurt shop.
....We've stayed up late....and slept in late.
....Adam took his kayak out for his first kayak fishing adventure of 2011.
...I've lost track of time reading a good book in the warm sun.

Tomorrow night I'll be joining some friends for the Only Fools Run at Midnight 5K run. It's a fundraiser for Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) and at midnight there will be a bunch of insomnia suffering runners and walkers hitting the streets in costume. It's always a fun night and I'm excited that so many of my friends are able to participate this year. I'll be sure to post a few pictures ;-)

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