Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beat the Odds...5K

Phew! Today was the day of the breast cancer fundraiser! I had asked Stephenie if she would run it with me a few weeks ago. She responded by saying that she runs it every year and last year made it in a little under 30 minutes!!! I told her that if she was agreeing to run with me her job would be to run SLOW and make sure I didn't pass out!
It was a great run. Apparently not as many people turned out today but it was still a lot of fun. I managed to run the entire way and our time wasn't too bad. 32.06...not a bad way to start a Saturday morning.

After that I came home and helped Adam put another coat of polyurithane on the floors then we headed out to the school. His classroom is starting to come together and he's starting to feel better. His goal is to get through the week then next weekend he can focus on the following week.
We were lucky enough to see a little bit of sunshine today so we took Rosco for a walk around Dredge Lake. He had been hanging out with us in the classroom so he was excited to get out and RUN for a bit!
Tonight I'm headed to a Shawn Mullins concert with Molly. Adam and I are both enjoy some of his songs but Adam is skipping out on the concert. He's not a huge fan of the place that the concert is being held so he's gonna hang out at home with some friends. Better go get ready before Molly gets here...we're going out to Thai before the concert..yummmmmm!

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